Even though Arya is a terrible chef in reality, Eragon will always come back for seconds.

Solembum hates people who can’t solve his riddles.

Years after the end of the final book, when Eragon has started his training school for young riders, Arya visits him disguised as a student using some sort of disguising spell. She does this to surprise him and afterwards visits frequently.

Roran and Katrina’s daughter Ismira is helping her dad one day clean out Galbatorix’s castle. She finds his journal in a secret crevice. Agreeing with the dead kings headcanons, she starts practicing his practically black Magic. After a while only one person can stop her: her beloved uncle.

Murtagh tends to stay up later than he should.

Eragon has a small wooden piggy bank from his childhood that he always keeps close by.

Multi-colored dragons are extremely rare and are generally better at controlling their magic.

Eragon is actually very crafty and spends his free time making decorative dragon eggs.

I have this head canon about Murtagh and Thorn: while the two of them are wondering the northern parts of Alagaësia, they encounter a band of rebels who manage to kill Murtagh. Thorn is so upset that he starts flying across the ocean until he eventually finds another country. In this country he attacks one of the dwarf kingdoms and spends the rest of his days enjoying the hoards of treasure and changes his name to Smaug… Until one day he is interrupted by a very small person and his band of dwarves… 

Idea- everyone has seen the movie and frequently makes fun of it.