Sometimes when nobody’s looking Murtagh and Orik have a jam fest.

Eragon is really self conscious.

Burrow grubs turn into the most beautiful butterflies.

Eragon dressed up in a Saphira cosplay during a con.

Roran and Katrina eventually go back to Palancar Valley, and rebuild their farmhouse, along with the castle on the hill. After a couple years of building a new Carvahall, Roran and some of the other villagers fix up the tower where Vrael was slain, as tribute to the new age of the Riders.

Roran has a little girl who he lets dress him up like a princess so they can play.

Headcanon: Eragon’s second favorite color is yellow.

Arya is actually extremely homosexual.

Galbatorix was actually a well feared pirate back in the day.

Roran absolutely loves spaghetti.