Morzan was actually a demon butler summoned by Galbatorix.

Brom used to be a great rapper.


When they were young, Glaedr always kept Oromis from doing stupid and reckless things. If not for Glaedr, Oromis would’ve died centuries ago.

Eragon once had a pet fox.

Morzan never intended to hurt Murtagh. He threw his sword so Murtagh would stop running, and despite being drunk, his aim proved fatal.

Arya was actualy pregnant with Faölin’s child, but no one noticed because elven pregnancy lasts for at least 10 years.

Eragon and Arya have a dragon themed wedding.

Katrina loves to braid hair and is as gentle as possible while doing so.

Saphira’s favourite instrument is the violin.

Roran has night terrors because of the people he killed.